My sweet story...

My sweet story...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mediacal check up at 21 weeks

2 January 2009.. i gonna being 21 weeks pregnant..Yesterday i done detail ultrasound 3D and 4D for our baby. Alhamdulillah our baby is healthy everything. Yang bestnyer Doctor siap burn dlm CD baby movement tapi malangnya tak boleh upload dlm blog sbb file dia 173mb, max bleh upload dekat sini 100mb. Anyone can help me to resize the video clip?

During the ultrasound, we managed to see my baby's face but maybe anak mummy and daddy malu kot, always tutup muka dgn tangan..Doctor kata hidung dia besar like mummy dia.Huhu..

Based on latest scanning - EDD 18 mei 2009.
Attached My GE healthcare and tapak kaki baby..

Both me and hubby are absolutely very very happy about this.




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